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HYDERIAN® colour platinum 955 is a worlds first, state of the art technique, invented and developed by Tom Rucker.

HYDERIAN® is protected by various international  IP rights and patents.

Jewellery using HYDERIAN® is
exclusive available from Tom Rucker Fine Jewellery London.

Colours used include greens, blues and pinks.

Type IIa Diamonds


Type IIa diamonds are the purest type of diamonds and the most valuable in the world. They contain either very little or no nitrogen atoms in the crystal structure.

White stones are exceptionally colourless, fancy coloured diamonds are often found with a brown, purple, blue, or pink tone.

Only 2% of all sourced diamonds found are of type IIa.

Whilst we hesitate to encourage our clients to buy diamonds purely for the purpose of an investment, a fancy colour diamond and especially a type IIa diamond has the potential for significant future gains in value.

There are various independent gemological testing labs across the globe such as IGI (International Gemological Institut) HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America). GIA applies the highest grading standards in the trade and is the leading gemological laboratory in the world. It is the industry’s most trusted and most widely acknowledged service.Gemological Institute of America and for most of our solitaire diamonds and selected gemstones we provide a full GIA report specifying the weight, accurate measures and quality specifications.


Fancy Colored Diamonds
In diamonds, rarity equals value. With diamonds in the normal range value is based on the absence of colour. This is because colourless diamonds are the rarest.

With fancy colour diamonds the rarest and most valuable colours are saturated pinks, blues, and greens. In all cases, even very slight colour differences can have a big impact on value.

Compared to fancy yellows and browns, diamonds with a noticeable hint of any other hue are considerably more rare. Even in light tones and weak saturation, as long as they show colour in the face-up position they qualify as fancy colours.

Red, green and blue diamonds – with medium to dark tones and moderate saturations – are extremely rare.

Grading fancy colour diamonds is complex and specialised. It takes highly trained laboratory graders to complete the process accurately.

All our solitaire diamonds and selected gemstones are certified.

Awards won by Tom Rucker

Key awards won by Tom Rucker


Goldsmiths’ Craftmanship & Design Awards UK
Gold Award Category Senior
Gold Award Boodles Fine Jewellery
Gold Award Technological Innovation
Gold Award The Goldsmiths Company
Gold Award Brown & Newirth Fine Jewellery
Ujin Lin Selects 2017


Goldsmiths’ Craftmanship & Design Awards UK
Technological Innovation Award
Centurion Designer Award USA
Julia Peyton Jones Selects


Zaha Hadid Selects 2014
Special Ministerial Award from the Western Cape Government for an outstanding contribution to the visual arts on national and international levels


DIA 2009 – Design Innovation Award · UK
UK Jewellery Awards 2009
Finalist Designer of the Year
Finalist Best Platinum Bridal collection
Platinum Award ‘Trends 2009’
Platinum Guild International


Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards · UK
Gold Award, Section Setters Senior
Gold Award, Section Technological Innovation
DIA 2008 – Design Innovation Award · UK

1991 – 2007

Design Innovation Award · UK
Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards · UK
Technological Innovation Award
International Pearl Design Contest · Tokyo, Japan
Prix Arctica · Finland
Best of Works Kemi Art Museum · Finland
Benvenuto Cellini Gold Medal · Germany for the highest possible design and manufacturing standards
Honour of the Japanese Government for an outstanding commitment in Akoya Pearl Design.


Each product is individually made and designed however guide prices are given for some products using the following symbols.

A handful of products in  Tom’s special editions range are priced below the bands shown.  Special editions products – an excellent addition to the most discerning of collections – are strictly limited, representing superb value.

* 5,000 – 9,000
** 10,000 – 19,000
*** 20,000 – 32,000
**** 33,000 – 49,000
***** above 50,000


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